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Cherwell Advanced Practitioner
Webinar Recordings

StrataCom is the proud host of the Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Webinar Series! Below is our complete list of recorded Cherwell webinars.

Mobile Solution for Cherwell (02.22)

Cherwell REST API: Best Practices and Lessons Learned (02.22)

Cherwell Performance Tuning (09.21)

Cherwell SLA’s: How Do These Actually Work? (08.21)

Microsoft Teams Integration (12.20)

Cherwell System Analyzer: Usage and Optimization (08.20)

Cherwell REST API Best Practices and Lessons Learned (5.20)

Active Directory Sync to Cherwell (3.20)

Kanban for Cherwell (02.20)

Cherwell Workflow Performance: How to Improve Code Efficiency (01.20)

Upgrading to Cherwell 9.7 (12.19)

Cherwell Re-Implementation or Modernization (09.19)

Deep Dive into REST API and Integrations (06.19)

CMDB Best Practices (03.19)

Cherwell Content Upgrade vs. Platform Upgrade (01.19)

Cherwell mApps versus Blueprints (10.18)

Cherwell Performance Tuning (08.18)

Cherwell Tips and Tricks – Design (05.18)

Cherwell Integration Best Practices (10.17)

Advanced Tips and Tricks Part 2 (09.17)

Change Management mApp Beta (07.17)

REST API (06.17)

Performance Tuning (05.17)

Customer Success Story: Western Union (04.17)

Approvals: Customer Approvals, Approval Pitfalls, etc (03.17)

Cherwell Service Catalog: Action Catalog Hybrid or Advanced Customer Portals (02.17)

Service Catalog Templates and Work Units (01.17)

StrataCom Solutions for Cherwell Software Clients (Videos and Recordings)

Mobile Solution for Cherwell

Kanban for Cherwell

Elevate your Cherwell IT Service Offerings with Cherwell Add-On Solutions

Gantt Chart for Cherwell

Drag and Drop Scheduling Calendar for Cherwell

Microsoft Teams Integration

StrataCom SPEAR mApp for Agile DevOps

Gantt Charts for Cherwell

Drag and Drop Calendar for Cherwell

Cherwell Training Videos & Related Webinars

One Steps – Getting to the next level

RED Essentials mApp Demo

Service Catalog: How Do I Build This Thing