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How StrataCom’s barcode scanning solution for Jira Service Management and Assets gives the tactical solution users are looking for.

Atlassian’s Jira Service Management (JSM) Asset Solution (formerly Insights) is a great asset solution for most enterprise customers, incorporating agent or agentless scanning and multiple ways to import or integrate with other discovery tools. 

However, it is missing an important piece for Hardware Asset Management, especially for the Field Technicians who need to create and update assets out in the field.  Barcode Scanning. 

StrataCom Barcode Scanner Home Screen

StrataCom’s barcode scanning solution for Jira Service Management and Assets allows users to quickly find asset using their Apple iOS device, Android device or any device that can run a web browser. 

A typical use case if for a technician to grab a laptop or other device, find it in the Assets module, then set the status to a certain value, change the ownership, etc.  By storing and then scanning the serial number or asset tag, this becomes extremely simple with the StrataCom mobile barcode scanning app for JSM Assets. 

StrataCom’s JSM Assets native mobile app also supports scanning NFC tags and will soon support OCR scanning, which will allow users to scan serial number on Mac laptops, among other things. 

Another feature is the ability to apply templates against records when adding them.  A good example is a user who receives 100 MacBook air laptops and wants to add them to JSM Assets.  With the StrataCom scanner for JSM Assets app, users can create a template for the laptops, then just start scanning serial numbers to add those laptops to Assets. 

Those assets can then easily be looked up by the serial number and assigned to a user, etc. 

StrataCom’s JSM Asset scanner will also shortly support USB/Bluetooth scanners hooked into laptops or mobile devices.  Typically, these scanners are faster and more accurate than using the camera scanners built-into mobile devices, although I will say that modern mobile device cameras are extremely effective at scanning and finding any type of barcode you can think of. 

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