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Cut through Ivanti complexity by switching to
Jira Service Management

Get more value for your money with the leading ITSM solution in the market. Jira Service Management offers a lean approach to ITSM that unites dev and IT, scales without breaking the bank, and makes it easy to extend service management across the enterprise.


See why customers prefer Jira Service Management

Though self-described as “modern,” Ivanti Neurons is a legacy ITSM tool stuck in the past. With little new development and an outdated user interface, the platform – while robust – is complex to navigate, hard to maintain, and (according to a recent customer) “somewhat frustrating.” The recent “convergence” of Cherwell’s capabilities has only added to the confusion, making the time ripe for customers to “diverge” and find an alternate solution.

Unlike Ivanti, Jira Service Management’s modern, user-friendly interface brings development and IT teams together on one flexible platform to deliver seamless service at high velocity.

6 Reasons why customers are leaving Cherwell for Jira Service Management

Move to the new industry leader: Jira Service Management

Gone are the days of expensive legacy ITSM tools that are heavy and rigid. But deciding which ITSM solution meets IT needs for flexibility and collaboration, all while delivering the highest ROI, can be difficult.

Forrester recently recognized Atlassian’s Jira Service Management as a Leader in Enterprise Service Management and gave them the highest possible strategy score within this evaluation.

Enterprise Service Management means bringing all the teams in your organization into closer collaboration. From business to IT operations, product management to software development, the best organizations ship faster when they collaboration across teams.

But many organizations are discovering that their legacy vendors are holding them back. Overpriced, full of features that don’t get used, hard to keep updated, and complex, legacy platforms often don’t serve all the teams who could be working together.

A newer entrant into the ESM category, Atlassian’s Jira Service Management is leading the way for a second consecutive year.

Forrester Wave

6 reasons why customers prefer Jira Service Managment

One unified Jira Platform

Enables seamless collaboration between Dev and IT

Federated data model

Empowers teams to work how they want while staying aligned with their org

Modern Apprach to ITIL

Eliminates unnecessary feature bloat and gives flexibility to use only what your team needs

User friendly, speedy UI

Allows teams to get started quickly with a low code editor and drag and drop interface

Intuitive implementation

Eliminates the need for endless upgrade cycles and consultants to configure and maintain workflows

Fast Time-to-value

With flexible processes that can pivot as your team’s needs change, rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all approach

Trusted by over 45,000 customers worldwide

“Being able to tie-in percent of time being spent on certain asset types will provide a completely different perspective when we look at our support costs. When I sit down with the Finance team, and the CFO, and the CEO, I’ll be able to say, listen this is how much time we spent on this type of asset. This is the number of P zero’s that we spent X percent of the team’s bandwith on. – VP of IT at a leading manufacturer

With Atlassian, it’s easy to get started and spin up a solution. – Wendy Stockholm, Director of BizTech, Invision

The developers are already using Jira, so it didn’t make sense to use another tool for service requests that needed integrations. – Ken Siskind, Engineer Program Manager, Toast

Jira Service Management has allowed us to centralize our information into one point, making it easy to perform queries or searches, or simply run reports. – Alex Christensen, Software Engineer, Canva

Industry analysts, consultants, and customers agree that Jira Service Management is exceptional ITSM software

See how Jira Service Management scores on Gartner Peer Insights.

Forrester named Atlassian a Leader in the 2021 and 2023 Enterprise Service Managment Wave

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