StrataCom has provided IT service management consulting and business process analysis for a long list of Fortune 1000 clients since 1997. We recognize the individuality of your business processes and work diligently to maximize your investment. It is our firm belief that no company should have to change their business to fit a software package, ever. Share your vision with us and we’ll speak candidly with you about how StrataCom can make that vision a reality.


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Jira Service Management

IT is in the midst of a rapid transformation to build capabilities that enable the rapid delivery of high-quality services, while managing cost and risk. But, old ways of working constrain progress. Rigid processes limit team agility and speed. Disconnected tools interrupt the flow of information needed to make quick, sound decisions. Development and operations teams continue to fight through siloed tooling critical to enabling a high-performing digital business.

Jira Service Management is Atlassian’s IT service management (ITSM) solution that unlocks teams at high-velocity. Built on Jira, it enables modern practices across request, incident, problem, change, asset, and configuration management, so teams can deliver value fast, make work visible, and streamline collaboration between IT operations and development teams. Over 30,000 customers of all sizes, including in the Fortune 100, rely on Jira Service Management to deliver exceptional service.

StrataCom is an ITSM Specialized Atlassian partner with decades of experience. With a wealth of real-world IT Service Management experience spanning decades, we’re not merely a technical resource but a dedicated partner and trusted advisor. Reach out to our team for a conversation and product demonstration. Discover how Jira Service Management will enable your team to provide world class IT service.

Atlassian Partner
Atlassian Partner

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    StrataCom incorporates the Agile Development Methodology for Jira Service Management Implementation s to ensure the best results. Put simply Agile Development involves completing development, testing, and requirements refinement all in one step but broken up into multiple mini-projects that roll into one large project as an end goal. Agile focuses on end user input and the ability to remain flexible during the development cycle as opposed to producing a solution in a fixed and static manner. With an Agile approach, adapted to each client and the specific project at hand, our consultants work with clients to create a number of User Stories (requirements) that make up a wish list of requirements and project goals. The consultant then prioritizes these items into smaller, manageable projects (aka sprints) to enable stakeholders to watch their system evolve over time. StrataCom emphasizes close collaboration between the programmer team and business experts; communication; frequent delivery of new deployable business value; tight, self-organizing teams; and ways to craft the code and the team such that the inevitable requirements churn is not a crisis. StrataCom promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and delivery while encouraging early and flexible responses to change. We believe that Agile Development is a solid framework that delivers promised results on time, within budget, and with greater value. StrataCom’s time-tested methodology that ensures our goals are realistic and honest. You can trust StrataCom’s level of effort projections for implementation services because time and time again our deliverables are achieved on time and within budget, vital aspects of any project’s success.
    With most of the major ITSM tools on the market, there is typically a right way and a wrong way to configure or customize your ITSM solution. All too often we find clients who have developed themselves into a corner and struggle with upgrades. Engage our experts to help you configure your solution in such a way that future upgrades are seamless. We can provide process consulting to identify ways that configuration and enhancement can bring greater value to your business and help you get more ROI out of your tool.
    Tool integration is often a challenge for many tool administrators, even the more advanced practitioners. StrataCom’s team has written hundreds of integrations for hundreds of clients and each is often unique. Instead of spending weeks or months of time working on integrations internally, leverage our years of expertise to get your integrations completed quickly.
    Are your developers and administrators overwhelmed by demands from the business? Are you interested in improving your Jira Service Management tool and processes but internal resources are too busy? Do you want to see real results from the additional features of upgrading to a new version? Growing and maintaining Jira-specific expertise takes time…and money. Choose StrataCom and save both. Our Atlassian certified staff has all the ITSM expertise you need. Consider our managed services offering.
    Are your developers and administrators overwhelmed by demands from the business? Are you interested in improving your ITSM tool and processes but internal resources are too busy? Do you want to see real results from the additional features of upgrading to a new version? Growing and maintaining Atlassian and Jira-specific expertise takes time…and money. Choose StrataCom and save both. Our certified staff has all the ITSM expertise you need. Consider our managed services offering.
    Frustrated with your Jira Service Management Portal? Have a service catalog that is not user friendly? Engage our team to design, or re-design, a portal or service catalog experience that’s visually pleasing, well organized, and easy to use.
    Leverage StrataCom’s decades of experience in the ITSM industry to help your team evaluate and implement better business processes. Our team provides best practice guidance around all of aspects of IT Service Management. We evaluate your current processes, analyze important processes unique to your business, identify areas of improvement for greater time and cost efficiencies, and help you build these processes into your solution.
    Road map planning is often an exercise that takes place before a new software implementation. However, as your system ages, it can be helpful to evaluate content available in new versions and create a road map plan. StrataCom’s ITIL certified consultants can guide you through prioritizing solution enhancements, integrations, and functionality that will make the biggest impact on your business. For new implementations, we create a phased implementation plan that will help you achieve quick wins while continuing to build out your service management strategy in a timeframe that makes sense for your organization. Our road map consulting service ensures you realized quicker ROI.
    Writing reports and viewing key metrics isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem during your initial training during a software implementation effort. Our consultants are experts and writing reports and designing dashboards to help you quickly and easily view and the metrics which are important to your organization. We can create dynamic dashboards tailored to a variety of different individuals within your organization or write and schedule reports for automatic distribution at intervals you choose.
    StrataCom can provide training above and beyond the offerings of our software vendor partners with content specifically tailored to your organization’s ITSM environment and tool. Typically, our training services complement and enhance the formal training you’ll receive from your software vendor directly. Most commonly we are engaged to for one-on-one shadowing and knowledge transfer. StrataCom’s support offerings also enhance the support you’ll receive from your software vendor. Typically, vendors provide upgrades, patches, and break/fix support. StrataCom’s Expert Care/Managed Services/Staff Augmentation support offerings are designed to go above and beyond the support you receive from your software vendor, rather than replace their support all together. For more details, see our Expert Care packaged offering.
    StrataCom has provided project management for many of our enterprise-level clients and our consultants are comfortable and skilled in this role. StrataCom employs consultants that are not only technically talented, but also possess excellent communication and leadership skills. Some of our projects have been client-managed; others have been managed by StrataCom consultants. Our staff is familiar with either structure and is not biased toward either approach. Our projects are managed carefully to ensure milestones are being met, on time and within budget. Regular touch points are established and concerns are addressed early and often.

    Cherwell to Jira Service Management Data Migration Toolkit

    StrataCom is pleased to announce our Cherwell to Jira Service Management Data Migration Toolkit. With this data migration tool, Jira JSM customers can migrate their historical Cherwell data to Jira Service Management.


    Easy-to-use mapping tool to map custom Cherwell fields to Jira JSM fields
    Built-in out of box mappings from Cherwell CSM core modules to Jira JSM core modules
    Configureable to map any Cherwell object to any Jira JSM Object
    Uses native REST API calls to grab data from Cherwell and move to Jira JSM