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Hardware Asset Management

Mobile Asset Management Solution for Jira Service Management

StrataCom’s mobile solution is designed by our ITSM consulting experts for use with Jira Service Management (JSM), Cherwell Software and Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. Our barcode scanning functionality completes the Asset Management Lifecycle. We offer the most flexible, configurable, and easy to use solution designed with both the IT technician and end user audience in mind. 

User Experience

A CMDB with additional valuable tracked Attributes

Real-Time view of CI Status: Received, Staged, In Stock, In Service, Retired

Reliable Inventory Levels

CI Location is represented 

Dashboard views of inventory levels


Easily Capture non-discoverable CI Attributes

Equipment is barcode scanned from point of arrival through retirement

CI Status and location is set throughout  lifecycle 


StrataCom Mobile Client – IOS and Android 

Real time updates to JSM Assets

Barcode Scan, QR Code Scan, NFC Token Scan

StrataCom's Mobile Asset Management for Jira Solution:

StrataCom’s mobile asset management solution leverages Jira Service Management’s Asset application (formerly known as Insight) to efficiently manage and store a wide range of inventoried items including Laptops, Tablets, MiFi devices, Monitors, and more. With our mobile solution, clients can easily create and manage inventory items within Asset. They can conveniently scan and store crucial information such as Serial Numbers, Asset Tags, Location QR Codes, and more. 

Our solution empowers customers to update assets directly in the field by simply scanning Barcodes or Asset Tags and making necessary changes on their mobile devices. This streamlined process ensures accurate and real-time updates in JSM. 

One of the standout features of StrataCom’s Mobile solution for JSM is its versatile ‘templating’ capability. This functionality enables customers to create customized templates on-the-fly, which can be applied to multiple assets in JSM. For instance, if a customer has a stack of equipment that needs to be assigned to the same location, they can set up a template specifying the desired location. Then, by scanning each device one after the other, all the assets will be automatically assigned to the designated location. 

Templates also prove invaluable when adding new assets to JSM. For example, imagine a customer receiving 100 mac minis that need to be added to their inventory. With our solution, they can simply enter a few details about the Macs, such as make/model, and then swiftly scan the Serial numbers or asset tags for each device. In just a matter of minutes, they can effortlessly add all 100 mac minis to their inventory.

Watch our recorded webinar: Hardware Asset Management Best Practices and Product Demonstration Here

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Hardware Asset Management


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