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Freshservice to Jira Service Management


Migrating from Freshservice to Jira Service Management involves several steps to ensure a smooth transition of data and processes. Here’s a general outline of the process:

Assessment and Planning:

  • Evaluate your current Freshservice setup, including workflows, customizations, data structures, and integrations.
  • Identify the scope of the migration, including which data needs to be migrated and which processes need to be replicated in Jira Service Management.
  • Determine the timeline and resources required for the migration.

Data Mapping:

  • Identify the data that needs to be migrated from Freshservice to Jira Service Management, such as tickets, assets, users, groups, and configurations.
  • Map the data fields and structures between Freshservice and Jira Service Management to ensure compatibility and accurate migration.

Prepare Jira Service Management Environment:

  • Set up Jira Service Management environment according to your requirements, including configuring projects, workflows, request types, SLAs, queues, and notifications.
  • Install any necessary plugins or extensions to replicate functionalities from Freshservice.

Data Extraction from Freshservice:

  • Export data from Cherwell in a format compatible with Jira Service Management. This may involve using Freshservice’s built-in export tools or third-party migration tools.
  • Ensure data integrity and accuracy during the extraction process.

Data Transformation and Migration:

  • Transform the extracted data into a format that can be imported into Jira Service Management. This may involve mapping fields, reformatting data, or cleaning up data inconsistencies.
  • Utilize Jira’s import tools or third-party migration apps to import the transformed data into Jira Service Management.


  • Conduct thorough testing to validate the migrated data and ensure that all processes and functionalities work as expected in Jira Service Management.
  • Test different scenarios, workflows, permissions, and integrations to identify any issues or discrepancies.

User Training and Adoption:

  • Train users on how to use Jira Service Management effectively, including submitting requests, collaborating on tickets, and accessing knowledge base resources.
  • Provide resources and support to help users adapt to the new system and processes.

Go-Live and Post-Migration Support:

  • Plan the migration cutover carefully, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations.
  • Monitor the system closely after the migration to address any issues or concerns that arise.
  • Provide ongoing support to users and address any additional training needs.

Documentation and Maintenance:

  • Document the migration process, including any custom configurations or workflows implemented in Jira Service Management.
  • Establish maintenance procedures to keep the system up-to-date and optimize performance over time.

Post-Migration Review:

  • Conduct a post-migration review to evaluate the success of the migration, gather feedback from users, and identify any areas for improvement.
  • Use insights from the review to refine processes and optimize the use of Jira Service Management.

Remember that the specifics of your migration may vary depending on your organization’s unique requirements and the complexity of your Cherwell setup. It’s essential to involve key stakeholders throughout the process and communicate effectively to ensure a successful transition. Additionally, consider seeking assistance from experienced consultants or migration specialists if needed.

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