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Cherwell to Jira Service Management

Migrating from Cherwell to Jira Service Management (JSM) can be a complex process, but with StrataCom as your trusted partner, you can maximize the benefits and streamline the transition. Our comprehensive Launchpad package is designed to simplify your migration and ensure you get the most out of your new JSM solution.

Why Choose StrataCom? 

At StrataCom, we specialize in helping organizations smoothly transition from Cherwell to Jira Service Management. Our Launchpad package offers a range of features and benefits that make the migration process efficient and hassle-free.

Launchpad Package Highlights

Pre-Tuned JSM Configuration

Our experts provide a pre-configured JSM starting point tailored to ease your transition from Cherwell. This means less configuration time and a smoother migration process, allowing your team to get up and running quickly with Jira Service Management.

JSM Assets Templates

Save time and effort with our JSM Assets templates. These templates are designed to help you manage your assets more effectively right from the start, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing processes.

Improved Workflow Configuration

We understand that every organization has unique workflow requirements. Our package includes an improved path for configuring moderate to complex workflows, ensuring that JSM works perfectly for your specific needs.

Best Practice Team Assignments

Utilize our best practice recommendations for team assignments. StrataCom ensures that your teams are set up for success with optimal configurations and role assignments that align with industry standards and your organizational goals.

Access to the StrataCom Data Migration Platform

Gain access to our state-of-the-art data migration platform, designed to securely and efficiently transfer you data from Cherwell to JSM. Our platform ensures that your data is migrated accurately and safely, minimizing the risk of data loss and corruption.

ITSM Maturity Assessment

The StrataCom team can accurately assess the current status of your ITSM maturity, which will give you a realistic target for your organization’s development.

6 Months Free Assets Barcoding Solution

As part of our Launchpad package, you’ll receive six months of our Assets Barcoding solution for free. This feature enhances your asset management capabilities, allowing for quick and accurate asset tracking and management.

Portfolio and Program Management

StrataCom calibrates the delivery of both Operations and Program Management in consolidated JSM space. Our Portfolio and Program Management solution can streamline your workflows, improve accuracy and completeness, and give you valuable insights into projects, programs, and portfolios.

Operations Focused Kanban Boards for ITSM

Your teams will now have the option to manage their work via Jira’s industry leading Kanban User Experience, preconfigured by StrataCom.

ITSM Maturity Assessment. What is the current status of your process. Realistically, where should your organization aim.

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    Choosing StrataCom as your partner ensures a successful and efficient migration from Cherwell to Jira Service Management. Our Launchpad package is designed to provide you with everything you need for a smooth transition and to maximize the benefits of your new JSM system.

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