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Portfolio and Program Management

for Jira Service Management

Looking for a Simplified but Comprehensive Portfolio and Program Management (PPM) option for Jira Service Management? Look no further!

Portfolio and Program Managers face a unique set of challenges when attempting to track goals, progress, and spend.  Standard Project Management techniques don’t align.  The StrataCom solution answers the call by calibrating the delivery of both Operations and Program Management in a consolidated JSM space.

  • Process begins with User entry of Demands
  • Demands are interrogated and can be Approved to move forward
  • Approved Demands Roll Up into various Programs
  • Program Health and Progress is represented on easy to read Dashboards
  • Programs Roll Up into Portfolios that measure progress against Strategic Organizational Goals

Provided below is a Video Tour of our PPM Solution. Explore the key features, from demand management to asset management, and learn how our PPM solution can streamline your workflows, improve accuracy and completeness, and gain valuable insights into your projects, programs, and portfolios. 

We take you through a detailed walkthrough of our dashboard views, showing you how to customize and configure to meet your specific needs. Discover how to manage demands, projects, and programs effectively within the JSM environment, including ticket management, cloud management tools, and data import processes. Our solution is designed to facilitate seamless transitions from ideas to implementation, ensuring that every step is tracked and aligned with your strategic goals. 

Whether you’re a portfolio manager looking to oversee the big picture or a program manager coordinating related projects, this video will equip you with the knowledge to leverage Jira Service Management to its full potential. Watch now to enhance your portfolio and program management practices and learn how to create a more efficient, transparent, and effective IT environment.

Contact us to learn more about StrataCom’s Portfolio and Program Management (PPM) solution for Jira Service Management (JSM).

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