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Synopsis: Leverage Cherwell’s core strengths around Tasks, Assignments, Calendaring, End-User Portal and Mobile device support to fulfill your organizations Facilities Management requirements.

Common Problems:

  • Scheduled Maintenance is not being performed
  • Safety issues are not prioritized
  • Work Orders are not completed in a timely fashion
  • Difficulty submitting Work Orders and tracking status
  • Inability to measure performance against SLA’s
  • Difficulty determining urgency/severity for Work Orders
  • Lack of relationships between buildings/rooms/equipment

How Facilities Essentials Solves These Problems:

  • Generate Work Orders internally or from the self-service portal
  • Track time spent and costs
  • Assign correct level of Urgency. For Example:
    • Life Safety and Environmental
    • Major Equipment or Structural Failure
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Minor Installed Equipment Failure
  • Receive Alerts from Facilities monitoring systems (i.e. Johnson Controls) and auto-generate Work Orders
  • Support scheduled maintenance by generating Work Orders based on intervals/calendars defined by the user. Examples of scheduled maintenance may include:
    • Replace HVAC filters
    • Check light bulbs
    • Replace Batteries
    • Inspections
  • Assign Work Orders and allow maintenance staff to update and close Work Orders with a mobile device
  • Utilize Work Order categories (i.e. Building, HVAC, Cable/Wire, Carpentry, Custodial, Drafting, Electrical, Grounds, Locksmith, Mechanical, Plumbing, Roof, Signs. Vehicle, Safety, Physical Security, Moves, Space Planning)

StrataCom built this Facilities Management Work Order system based upon the core functionality of Cherwell’s Incident Management engine.  This module leverages base functions such as customer selection, record categorization and record assignment in order to generate work orders for a Facilities Management process.  The module also allows for Task creation and assignment just as with other modules of Cherwell Service Management.  Journaling as well as other interoperability functions such as relations to Incidents and Change records is built into the system.  Work Orders can also be related to Configuration items.  These functions allow for all Cherwell modules to relate to one another providing reporting connections to the Work Order processes.

StrataCom Facilities Essentials supports Scheduled Maintenance by allowing for the scheduling of Task records into the future. This assures that preventative maintenance may be performed on critical infrastructure to provide for reduced downtime due to maintenance issues.

As with any Cherwell module, customers can tailor the functionality to best suit their needs. Standard Cherwell Roles Based Security and Assignment groups are utilized and can be configured to support your unique implementation. Facilities Essentials also comes out of box with a Facilities industry best practice categorization structure.

Cost: StrataCom developed this integrated Cherwell Business Object as a value add to the Cherwell platform. Facilities Essentials is available as a free add-on. Implement on your own or engage one of StrataCom’s expert consultants.