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Did you know that upgrading your Cherwell platform is different from an upgrade that applies the new content which Cherwell releases? We find the Cherwell upgrade topic to be a source of confusion for many clients. While the platform gets upgraded, many wonder why they aren’t seeing new features and functionality once their system is upgraded.

Content Changes are not delivered as part of an upgrade. Content may extend and change your Cherwell system. What are the differences in these two upgrades?

Cherwell Platform Upgrade:

  • There are no choices involved, the platform is just updated
  • This upgrade does not affect current customizations and business objects
  • It’s simple to apply, the executable converts your existing system and applies any necessary changes

All Upgraded Cherwell systems will automatically receive “foundation” improvements which include:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Items that extend Cherwell capabilities
  • Items that work with existing Cherwell screens and functionality
  • But the upgrade will NOT change existing Cherwell customization and modification

Cherwell Content Upgrade:

  • Clients decide when and if to install a content upgrade
  • A Content upgrade can and may affect current configurations and business objects
  • It’s more complex to apply, it may need to be adjusted based on existing configurations and changes
  • Content upgrades often include desirable new functionality

StrataCom offers a Content Upgrade Service which includes the following:

  • Assistance with evaluating your current platform and content versions
  • Evaluation of the extent of configuration – what mApps are installed, what custom development has been made, etc…
  • Review and discussion of the benefits of current content and the business case for the upgrade
  • Scoping of the upgrade effort and complexity level
  • Based on findings, a smooth execution of Cherwell Upgrade and Content Pack upgrade

Contact us today if you’re interested in starting a conversation with us around your plans to upgrade Cherwell! We’d love to guide you through this process.