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StrataCom’s Cherwell RED Essentials V2.1 is a perfect add-on to the Cherwell Suite. RED is an acronym for Requirements, Enhancements and Defects.

Common Problems:

  • No centralized location for Requirements, Enhancements and Defects (RED) that include all pertinent information
  • No Repository for User Acceptance Testing checklists and results
  • No way to track proper status on RED closure
  • No real-time Dashboard or access to REDs

How RED Essentials V2.1 Solves These Problems:

  • Provides one main form that allows users to centrally document all
  • Requirements, Enhancements and Defects (RED) during implementations
    • REDs can be split into the following types: Requirements, Gap in Requirements, Enhancements, and Defects
    • The following Categories can be related: Change Request, Incident, and Supplier
    • Time spent on individual REDs are trackable (i.e. Estimated vs Actual)
    • Working Status can be tracked by: Not Started, Design, Development, Testing, Customer Acceptance and Completed
  • Allows for User Tests and RED Testing Checklists to be attached to each item
  • Real-time Dashboard with reports on percentage of Requirements completed by Type, Category, and Subcategory
  • Dashboard has drill-down functionality allowing users to dive right into REDs assigned to them