StrataCom has provided IT service management consulting and business process analysis for a long list of Fortune 1000 clients since 1997. We recognize the individuality of your business processes and work diligently to maximize your investment. It is our firm belief that no company should have to change their business to fit a software package, ever. Share your vision with us and we’ll speak candidly with you about how StrataCom can make that vision a reality.


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“StrataCom’s business model revolves around one core concept: delivering the best solutions. As a company, we succeed by providing graceful and workable solutions for technology’s most difficult challenges.”

-Steve Jones, President, StrataCom

This quote continues to be the cornerstone of StrataCom’s executive team:

Steve Jones

Eric Krueger

William Rentfrow

Steve Jones, president and co-founder of StrataCom, along with principal consultant and co-founder William Rentfrow, first dreamed of building an IT Service Management company when they consulted together on enterprise-level ITSM projects for the Fortune 500 in the mid-1990’s.

StrataCom was launched in the fall of 1997 and Eric Krueger, Principal Consultant, came aboard shortly after its inception.

Steve, William and Eric’s solid hands-on consulting experience in the industry proved to be a stable and trusted foundation for StrataCom. Their real-world background and understanding of ITSM business processes, coupled with their strong belief that services-based businesses thrive when quality and value is consistently delivered, is what has made StrataCom the trusted consulting choice for our IT Service Management clients for over a decade.

Steve, Eric, and William continue to be highly accessible to our clients, with Eric and William continuing to provide stellar services to clients in their original consulting roles, and Steve serving as StrataCom’s president.