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Atlassian Jira Service Management Webinars & Training

During our latest webinar, Laura Walker introduces the multifaceted world of Jira Service Management (JSM), and with the aid of ITSM expert William Rentfrow, we uncover why JSM might just be the software equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.

Why JSM Stands Out in ITSM Space

StrataCom has found its match in JSM as the best replacement for Cherwell. With its strong placement by analysts and robust rollouts of features, JSM offers an alluring price tag and a no code, low code workflow editor. Highlighting its enterprise service management capabilities, JSM extends beyond IT to HR and facilities management, bolstered with prebuilt project templates.

Partnership and ROI—Playing the Long Game

Atlassian’s Jira Service Management shines when evaluated against competitors like ServiceNow, managing to capture a higher rank in strategy and vision. Supported by a Forrester study, StrataCom points to significant cost savings over traditional tools, reinforcing JSM’s position as a cost-effective solution.

The Customer Portal Experience

The front line for customer engagement, the JSM portal’s clarity allows customers to submit IT and HR requests effectively. Rentfrow demonstrated the simplicity of use, the intelligent help topics, and the immediate knowledge base integration that suggests articles before users even submit a request, bolstering self-service capabilities.

Agents Powering Through with Ease

A ticket’s lifespan in JSM was showcased, from intake to resolution. Agents leverage various features including status actions, VIP tags, and service definitions. JSM’s queue system enables personal filters, allowing agents to manage their workflow in an organized and efficient manner. A nod to the flexible work formats was made, as JSM adapts, whether you’re a board visualizer or a list lover.

Integration and Innovation—The Technical Symphony

William Rentfrow led a splendid ballet of API integrations, highlighting Microsoft Teams and Slack collaborations, and discussed Atlassian’s partnerships with OpenAI predictive analytics. The continual release of innovative features has positioned Atlassian as a forward-thinking player.

Knowledge Management and AI—A Smart Pair

The management of knowledge within JSM is leveraged by the Confluence platform, with a seamless experience for creating and accessing articles. These articles can span various use cases, facilitating not only customer problem resolution but also serving internal team needs.

Creating and Customizing in JSM

A significant portion of the demo was spent illustrating the customization capabilities of JSM. Additions and changes to request types, forms, and assets are intuitive and time-efficient, a stark contrast to the cumbersome processes of legacy ITSM tools.

The Final Verdict—Why Fall in Love with JSM?

The demonstration concluded with the assertion that JSM’s comprehensive features, seamless integrations, and continual innovation make it not just a tool but a strategic asset for enterprise management. StrataCom embraced Jira Service Management, and it’s clear that whether you’re in IT, HR, facilities, or just about any service function, JSM could be the next best thing to sweep you off your digital feet.