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Jira Service Management REST API

In this video we share insights on how to effectively automate using the Jira Service Management (JSM) automation platform.

We walk through the simplicity of defining new service requests and automation rules within the platform. We explain how actions, such as issue creations or field changes, can trigger automation. We also explore the different ways automation can be triggered, whether it’s through scheduling or manual intervention.

We uncover the potential opportunities for integrations within the platform and highlight the additional conditions that can be added to tailor automation to specific needs. We reveal the power of updating other requests and looking up objects within the CMDB, ultimately enabling streamlined automation.

Our guide takes us on a journey of customization by discussing the ability to define issue types that align with different teams’ business processes. We dive into the advantage of narrowing the focus to specific types of issues, giving an example of filtering for requests related to access badges.

We share the actions that can performed through the platform, including sending emails, creating related issues or tasks, and adding watchers. We learn that the automation platform goes beyond traditional communication methods, as we discuss the ability to send SMS messages, Slack and Teams messages, and web requests, as well as call third-party REST APIs for automation purposes.

Check out this video to discover how automation platforms can revolutionize your workflow.

Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to the automation platform
    • Discussing a new service request and automation platform
    • Mentioning the ease of defining new service requests and automation rules
    • Explaining how automation can be triggered by certain actions such as issue creation or field changes
    • Highlighting the options for scheduling or manually triggering automation
  2. Integration opportunities within the platform
    • Noting the potential for integrations within the automation platform
    • Exploring how additional conditions can be added once the trigger is chosen
    • Emphasizing the ability to update other requests and look up objects within the CMDB
  3. Customization and tailoring workflows
    • Explaining the ability to define custom issue types within the system
    • Tailoring workflows to fit different teams’ business processes
    • Discussing the importance of narrowing down the focus to specific types of issues
  4. Actions and capabilities within the automation platform
    • Filtering for issues related to requests for access badges
    • Taking various actions within the platform, such as sending emails and creating related issues or tasks
    • Adding watchers to relevant issues for improved communication and collaboration
    • Utilizing additional automation features like sending SMS messages, Slack messages, and web requests
    • Mentioning the capability to call third-party REST APIs for automation purposes.

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