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Atlassian Jira Service Management

HR Checklist GraphicApplying Enterprise Service Management (ESM) practices and tools, drawing inspiration from frameworks such as ITIL or similar models, across different departments enables organizations to streamline operations and enhance support for employees. Various departments including HR, marketing, sales, legal, and finance have reported enhancements in connectivity, visibility, and efficiency.

For instance, in HR, integration of ITSM tools and principles bridges gaps between disparate systems, facilitating faster talent acquisition processes. Incorporating ITSM into marketing operations enhances visibility and expedites approval processes, leading to quicker product launches.

In the sales domain, where customer demands are escalating, an ESM-oriented approach empowers teams to achieve more with fewer resources by shortening sales cycles and fortifying backend procedures.

Even in traditionally rigid departments like legal and finance, the adoption of ITSM tools and principles facilitates organizational evolution and modernization.

Ultimately, the effective integration of ESM across departments enables organizations to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment. Atlassian, renowned for its team collaboration software including Jira, Confluence, and Trello, exemplifies successful internal application of ESM within business teams.

Leveraging ESM in HR to streamline onboarding

Rocket GraphicImplementing an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution within the Human Resources (HR) department presents notable advantages. Given the critical nature of HR tasks and the necessity for swift processing to maintain operational fluidity, adopting a service desk software that facilitates collaboration with IT can significantly enhance efficiency. Atlassian’s adoption of Workday as their human resource information system (HRIS) laid the groundwork for their onboarding procedures.

Utilizing Workday HRIS, HR gained access to foundational data for new hires, seamlessly integrated with Jira Service Management via a third-party integration platform. This integration enabled Jira to automatically initiate pertinent requests such as laptop provision, account establishment, and orientation scheduling.

The optimized process heightened visibility, expedited workflows, and encouraged interdepartmental cooperation, ultimately enhancing the overall employee experience.

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