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Jira Service Management

In this short video, Eric Krueger shares his insights on the topic of Jira Service Management and Hardware Asset Management. Eric takes us through a demo of StrataCom’s native mobile client, showcasing its powerful barcode scanning capabilities for managing assets. From scanning barcodes and QR codes to NFC tags and even OCR scanning, see how easy and efficient it is to add laptops to the asset database, update their statuses, and even create multiple devices in a flash. Eric unveils some of the incredible features of this mobile client and provides a glimpse into the future with a hardware asset management demo coming up in October.

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Key Topics and Bullets:

Features of StrataCom’s native Mobile Client for Jira Service Management

  • Ability to scan barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags, and perform OCR scanning
  • Adding assets to the database
  • Editing asset details
  • Changing asset status
  • Multiple device scanning
  • Viewing and managing queues
  • Adding models to the database

Demonstration of laptop asset management

  • Adding a laptop to the assets database
  • Scanning the serial number and barcode
  • Setting the location and ownership details
  • Refreshing the asset list
  • Editing the asset status to active

Benefits and capabilities of the native mobile client

  • Integration with Jira Service Management and assets module
  • Streamlining asset management processes
  • Saving time and effort in recording and managing assets
  • Ability to add multiple devices at once
  • Ease of viewing and managing different models