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Jira Service Management Webinars & Training

In our recent webinar we do a deep dive on the Cherwell to Jira Service Management migration process and StrataCom’s powerful Migration Toolkit.

Joining our host, Laura Walker, are Eric Krueger and Rod Schmitt, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in IT service management and the migration process. Rod Schmitt, an ITSM, EA at Atlassian, will be sharing his expertise, highlighting the key advantages and functionalities of JSM. With Jira Service Management being the fastest growing ITSM platform in the market, known for its modern UI and seamless integration with Jira and Confluence, Rod will shed light on why more and more organizations are making the switch from competing platforms like ServiceNow and Cherwell.

Eric will also dive into the nitty-gritty details of data migration from Cherwell to JSM. He will discuss the innovative data migration utility developed by StrataCom, which allows for smooth and efficient transfer of customer data. From manipulating data to creating data maps, querying and updating systems, and even handling attachments, Eric will walk us through the various scenarios and considerations involved in a successful migration.

In addition, Eric will touch on the challenges in migrating knowledge-based articles and workflows, the limitations of Cherwell’s API, and the advantages of Jira’s extensive capabilities. He will also touch upon the invaluable expertise and offerings of StrataCom, a trusted partner in the IT service management landscape. StrataCom has developed a toolkit specifically aimed at simplifying and streamlining the migration process for organizations transitioning from Cherwell to Jira Service Management.

So don’t miss out on this informative and insightful episode as we explore the world of Cherwell to Jira Service Management migration.

Change doesn’t need to be hard:
How to migrate from Cherwell to Jira Service Management

With little new development and an outdated user interface, Cherwell’s hard-to-navigate platform is stuck in the past. Now is the time to consider moving to Atlassian’s Jira Service Management. JSM offers a robust, modern alternative with a user-friendly interface that connects Dev, IT Ops, and business teams to quickly respond to change and deliver exceptional service experiences. 

Join StrataCom and Atlassian…we’ll show you how to smoothly migrate away from Cherwell’s outdated platform. Details covered will include:

  • Out-of-the-box mappings from Cherwell Business Objects to JSM modules
  • An easy-to-use mapping tool to migrate custom Cherwell fields to JSM fields
  • Mapping from any Cherwell Business Object to any JSM Object
  • A native REST API to collect data from Cherwell and send it over to JSM

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Key Topics and Bullets:

Introduction and Background

  • Introduction to the webinar and guest speakers
  • Explanation of Atlassian and its product offerings (Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence)
  • Rod Schmidt’s transition from Cherwell to Atlassian
  • Mention of StrataCom as a preferred partner for Cherwell to Jira Service Management migrations

Overview of Jira Service Management (JSM)

  • JSM’s features and benefits, including its modern UI and integration with Jira and Confluence
  • Comparison of JSM’s total cost of ownership (TCO) to competitors (ServiceNow, BMC, Ivanti)
  • Highlighting JSM’s low-code solution and integration capabilities as advantages over ServiceNow
  • Atlassian’s recognition as a market leader by Gartner

Data Migration Utility for Cherwell to Jira Migration

  • Overview of the data migration utility developed by StrataCom
  • Explanation of how the utility transfers data from Cherwell to Jira using a mapping engine and mapping files
  • Utility’s ability to manipulate data, remove line breaks, create data maps, and migrate related records
  • Demonstrated flexibility in treating special fields and handling different migration scenarios
  • Highlight of the utility’s support for rich text fields, attachments, and complex lookups

Migration of Knowledge Base Articles

  • Discussion on storing and transferring KB articles between incidents and creating new knowledge-based articles
  • Emphasis on relationships in Cherwell and JSM to streamline the process
  • Mention of storing knowledge base as a field or a relationship in JSM