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Jira Service Management

In this video we will be diving into the world of ticket management and problem resolution within the powerful automation platform, Jira Service Management. We discuss the various options for handling tickets, such as assigning them based on workload or routing them into specific queues based on their attributes. We’ll also explore how different types of requests and VIP users can be given customized views and priorities. Stay tuned as we explore the layout and philosophy of service requests in Jira Service Management, and learn about the visibility of SLAs and workflows for each ticket. Plus, discover the handy features like knowledge base search, asset lookup, and the ability to send notes to customers and communicate with other teams. Join us as we showcases the seamless ticket management capabilities of Jira Service Management and unveil how it can revolutionize your problem resolution processes.

  • Ticket Management Options:
    • Assigning tickets based on workload
    • Routing tickets into queues based on attributes
  • Different Views and Priorities:
    • Customizing views for different types of requests
    • Prioritizing tickets for VIP users
  • Mass Updates and Transitions:
    • Updating and transitioning multiple tickets at once within a grid
    • Managing individual tickets with specific updates and transitions
  • Layout and Philosophy of Service Requests in Jira Service Management:
    • Overview of the layout and design of service requests
    • Discussing the philosophy behind service request management in Jira Service Management
  • Visible SLAs and Workflows:
    • Viewing SLAs and workflows associated with each ticket
    • Understanding how SLAs and workflows impact ticket management
  • Assigned Users and Request Participants:
    • Listing the assigned users for each ticket
    • Identifying other request participants involved in ticket management
  • Knowledge Base Search and Asset Lookup:
    • Utilizing knowledge base search for issue resolution
    • Performing asset lookup for ticket management purposes
  • Communication and Collaboration:
    • Sending notes and messages to customers through the platform
    • Collaborating with other teams within the ticket management system
  • Linking Tickets to Other Incidents and Requests:
    • Linking tickets to related incidents and service requests
    • Connecting tickets to ongoing work efforts within the platform

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