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Jira Service Management

We dive into the world of the Jira Service Management platform and its powerful self-service portal. We are guided through the various features and functionalities of this platform that revolutionizes customer service operations. We begin by highlighting the flexible nature of the platform, allowing users to interact with it through their preferred mode of communication. Whether it’s through Slack, Microsoft Teams, or even the mobile application, Jira Service Management ensures seamless interaction between users and agents. One of the standout features of this platform is Atlassian Assist. We explain how this tool captures all the necessary details and creates tickets for user requests, streamlining the process for agents. They can view and manage tickets directly from Slack or Teams, taking ownership, updating status, and effectively communicating with users. Beyond the traditional IT realm, Jira Service Management extends its capabilities to other teams like HR, facilities, plumbing, and marketing. We emphasize the importance of utilizing the knowledge base embedded in the self-service portal. By deflecting tickets and encouraging self-resolution through tailored forms and relevant content, customer challenges can be resolved efficiently. The speaker also sheds light on embedding status metrics and videos within knowledge articles to enhance the user experience. We walk through the convenience of the Jira self-service center, where users can access micro portals and utilize the global search function to find relevant information and articles. The platform allows them to interact with multiple teams and manage common workflow requests all in one place, eliminating the need for scattered emails, spreadsheets, or post-it notes. With the ability to customize their experience based on user attributes like department and location, we highlight how different types of requests have specific fields for gathering information. Users can easily check the status of their tickets and see which teams they have been routed to, simplifying their lives. Lastly, we emphasize the self-service center’s role in facilitating approvals. Users can effortlessly manage and respond to requests, providing swift resolutions. Through this comprehensive exploration of the Jira Service Management platform, StrataCom equips listeners with valuable insights into leveraging self-service portals to enhance customer service operations.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to the Jira Service Management platform
    • Overview of the platform’s features and options for user interaction
  • Rich Chat Ops Capability
    • How users can make requests through channels in Slack or Microsoft Teams
    • Atlassian Assist capturing request details and creating tickets
  • Ticket Management from Slack or Teams
    • Agents’ ability to view and manage tickets, including taking ownership, updating status, and communicating with users
  • Mobile Application for Remote Ticket Management
    • The availability of a mobile application for agents to work on tickets remotely
  • Multi-team Interactions
    • How users can interact with multiple teams through the Jira service management platform
    • Various teams utilizing the platform, such as IT, HR, facilities, plumbing, and marketing
  • Knowledge Articles for Self-Service
    • The use of knowledge articles in a self-service portal to address customer service requests
    • Embedding status metrics and videos within articles for enhanced user experience
    • Leveraging tailored forms to gather necessary details for specific service requests
  • Deflection and Self-Resolution
    • The importance of utilizing a knowledge base to deflect tickets and encourage self-resolution by pushing relevant content to users
  • Managing Workflow Requests
    • The platform’s role in managing common workflow requests previously handled through email, spreadsheets, or post-it notes
  • Micro Portals and Global Search
    • Accessing micro portals within the self-service center for information and articles
    • Using global search to find relevant information in Confluence and the service request catalog
  • Customizability and User Attributes – Available models for user customization
    • Using user attributes to restrict requests based on department and location
  • Request Types and Approval Management
    • Different fields for gathering information based on request type
    • Managing approvals through the self-service center
  • Simplified Ticket Management
    • Checking the status of tickets and tracking routed teams
    • One source for accessing all requests, simplifying the user’s life

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