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Jira Service Management

We dive into the fascinating topic of how customers can start a ticket on the popular communication platforms, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Atlassian shares valuable insights on how customers interact with the platform and highlights the various features available for them. You will learn about the different ways customers can engage with the platform, such as initiating tickets, accessing knowledge content, and checking ticket status. The platform offers multiple interaction options, including monitoring a mailbox, a self-service center, and a web-based widget. We highlight the convenience of the web-based widget, which allows users to report a ticket without the need to log in, expanding the possibilities for initiating contact. Additionally, our guest emphasizes the flexibility the platform provides in rendering forms and embedding content on a website, enhancing the overall user experience. But that’s not all! We also review the exciting world of chat ops capabilities in channels, specifically in Slack and Microsoft Teams. You will discover how these collaboration tools empower users to access content, check ticket status, and even initiate tickets seamlessly. Visit for more details.


  1. Overview of customer interactions with the platform
    • Customers can initiate tickets, check ticket status, and access knowledge content
    • Multiple ways for customers to interact with the platform
  2. Different methods to initiate tickets
    • Monitoring a mailbox
    • Utilizing a self-service center
    • Utilizing a web-based widget
    • Web-based widget allows users to report a ticket without login
  3. Rendering forms and embedding options on a website
    • Speaker’s flexibility in rendering forms and embedding content
  4. Chat ops capabilities in Slack or Microsoft Teams
    • Using channels for chat ops
    • Accessing content, checking ticket status, and initiating tickets through collaboration tools

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