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Jira Service Management

Atlassian’s Jira Service Management software and the battle between the Data Center and Cloud platforms. Join us as we explore the key differences between these two platforms and how they affect workflows and SLA achievement and resolution time. We also discuss the use of dashboards to visualize workflows and track progress. Our guest speaker shares their experiences with Cherwell and Ivanti platforms and the challenges they faced with multiple teams running influence or service requests. We learn about the negotiations required to establish a common set of fields for all teams and the role of the administrator in configuring exception settings based on ticket types and ownership. Discover how Atlassian’s implementation approach saved our speaker time and effort by allowing each team to customize their workflows and fields according to their needs. We also explore the two editions of the Atlassian platform, the data center edition for on-premises use and the cloud-based solution tailored specifically for the cloud. Learn about the seamless upgrades offered by the containerized architecture of the cloud edition, eliminating worries about any impacts. Don’t miss out on our exciting demonstration focused on the Cloud edition of Atlassian’s software.

Topics covered in this session:

  • Differences between data center and cloud platforms: Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each platform
  • Dashboards and visualization tools: Exploring how dashboards are used within the platform to visualize workflows and track SLA achievement and resolution time
  • Organizing workflows into projects/workspaces: Highlighting how teams have autonomy to adapt the platform to their own workflow through project and workspace organization
  • Cherwell and Ivanti platforms: Mentioning the monolithic incident object for service requests and problems in these platforms
  • Overcoming challenges with multiple teams: Discussing the speaker’s experience of negotiating and establishing a common set of fields for all teams
  • Configuring exception settings: Explaining how the speaker, as an administrator, had to configure exception settings based on ticket types and ownership
  • Customizing workflows and fields: Describing how the Atlassian platform allows teams to define projects and customize workflows and fields according to their needs
  • Time and effort savings: Discussing how the implementation approach of individual team projects saved time and effort, leading to quicker changes and improvements
  • Project-specific queues and service requests: Exploring how each project has its own queues and service request objects
  • Web-based platform: Noting that the Atlassian platform does not have a rich client and is entirely web-based
  • Administration and configuration capabilities: Highlighting the administration and configuration capabilities of the platform
  • Atlassian editions: Explaining the two editions available: data center edition (on premises) and cloud-based solution
  • Cloud-based solution: Focusing on the cloud-based solution specifically designed for the cloud
  • Challenges of upgrades: Discussing past challenges with upgrades, especially for custom forms and workflows
  • Containerized architecture for the cloud: Explaining Atlassian’s containerized architecture for the cloud, making upgrades seamless with no impact on users
  • Demonstration focus on the Cloud edition: Indicating that the upcoming demonstration will specifically focus on the Cloud edition of the Atlassian platform.

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