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Atlassian Jira Service Management Webinars & Training

Welcome to the latest video from StrataCom, where we bring you insights from the Jira Service Management Roadmap Webinar of December 2023. Join host Laura Walker and special guest Ken Connally as they delve into the in-depth discussion, announcements, challenges, and advancements shared during the webinar. From highlighting the capabilities of the Atlassian platform to the roadmap for Jira Service Management, this episode offers a comprehensive overview of the evolving landscape of service management and its impact on organizations.

Topics Covered in the Jira Service Management Roadmap Webinar

  1. Introduction to Jira Service Management
    • Overview of Jira Service Management’s fast implementation times and intuitive user interface
    • Built on the Jira platform, providing benefits and integration with Confluence
    • Leadership in Gartner ITSM Magic Quadrant and Forrester ESM wave
  2. Vision and Direction for Jira Service Management (JSM)
    • Aim to bring development, IT, and business teams together on a single service delivery platform
    • Focus on simplifying service delivery, empowering teams to operate autonomously, and creating flexibility and simplicity in service management platforms
  3. Jira Service Management Roadmap
    • Focus on incident, change, and asset management
    • Features and improvements in incident management, including automated templates and scalability for larger implementations
    • Change management leveraging asset investments for approvals and improving assets in 3 ways
    • Enhanced visibility with Atlassian analytics, data lake, improved reporting, integration with Confluence, and hierarchical goal-setting
    • Introduction of Kanban style boards for visualizing work and faster setup to support self-serve usage
  4. Atlassian Intelligence and Analytics
    • Usage of Atlassian Intelligence within Confluence to assist with meeting summaries and tasks within the knowledge base
    • Integration of Atlassian Intelligence across the product suite
    • Introduction of natural language SQL build using Atlassian Intelligence for easy chart and dashboard creation
  5. Scalability and Deployment Enhancements
    • Capacity to support 20,000 agents, expanding data residency, and adding support for regulations like HIPAA and different regions
    • Introduction of features such as custom help center domains, hierarchical SLAs, improved queue groupings, UI enhancements, and better audit logs
  6. Atlassian Service Improvement Efforts
    • Focus on simplifying and making the system intuitive
    • Improvements in form configuration, AI-assisted request types, workflow configuration, and onboarding templates
    • Enhancement of in-product guidance and support for easier configuration and setup
  7. Customer Service Management and Help Center Enhancements
    • Enhancement of customer service management experience and customer context fields
    • Improvements in help center configurability and extending knowledge base capabilities
  8. Atlassian Intelligence Features
    • Introduction of a virtual agent, no-code/low-code builder, and a summarize feature
    • Assistance in IT and HR-style queries through intelligent back-and-forth interactions
  9. Atlassian’s Support and Community Engagement
    • Various events, training, and certification opportunities
    • Engagement through forums for peer support, community involvement, and virtual and in-person events
  10. Atlassian’s Market Presence and Pricing
    • Strong market presence and recognition as a top-ranked vendor
    • Transparent and affordable pricing with multiple editions and options for discounts
    • Support included in the pricing, with sliding scale discounts based on the number of agents
  11. Case Studies and Benefits of Atlassian Solutions
    • Forrester study showing significant return on investment and cost savings
    • Increased product adoption and usage through community engagement