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Atlassian Jira Service Management
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StrataCom is thrilled to share the exciting news that AirTrack, a leading IT data quality management technology provider, has officially joined the Atlassian family. This strategic acquisition is a significant step forward in Atlassian’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for asset and configuration management, and we, as an Atlassian Partner, are enthusiastic about the benefits this brings to our clients as this takes Asset Management to the Next Level.

With the integration of AirTrack into Jira Service Management, our customers will be able to experience a more comprehensive and accurate overview of all critical assets within their organizations. This integration is designed to minimize operational risks, control costs, and reduce attack surfaces, aligning perfectly with our mission to empower enterprises through a modern and robust service management tools.

Addressing Complexity in Asset and Configuration Management:

The modern enterprise faces a complex landscape of digital products, services, edge devices, and IoT technologies. Understanding and managing these assets efficiently is crucial, especially in today’s cost-conscious environment. Atlassian recognizes the challenges posed by multiple “sources of truth” and aims to provide a solution that brings all assets into focus.

AirTrack brings a wealth of expertise to the table, helping enterprises gather, aggregate, and analyze data from various IT sources. This capability enables organizations to achieve a unified and accurate “single source of truth,” crucial for making informed decisions in delivering products and services to customers.

AirTrack + Jira Service Management: A Comprehensive Asset Management Solution

The combined power of AirTrack and Jira Service Management offers enterprises a robust asset management solution with numerous benefits:

  1. 30+ Out-of-the-Box Data Connectors:
    • IT Operations teams can aggregate and cleanse data from various asset discovery tools, databases, and component parts across the entire IT landscape.
    • AirTrack facilitates improved coverage and data quality without imposing standardization on a single discovery tool, allowing for fast creation of new connectors.
  2. Rapid Data Reconciliation:
    • The integrated solution swiftly identifies inaccuracies across different systems of record, accelerating the remediation process.
    • Examples of problems addressed include missing service dependencies impacting incident resolution, potential security vulnerabilities, and inventory gaps affecting license compliance.
  3. Service Dependencies Across Dev and IT:
    • AirTrack, alongside Jira Service Management and Compass, enhances visibility into critical service infrastructure and relevant information from development tools.
    • This comprehensive view supports smarter, safer changes and faster responses to incidents.
  4. Beyond IT:
    • The AirTrack acquisition extends Atlassian’s capabilities to address a broader range of assets beyond traditional IT use cases.
    • Enterprises can aggregate information related to various assets, aiding in addressing challenges around security, compliance, inventory, billing, forecasting, and planning.

Our Mission: High-Velocity Service Management for All:

Atlassian’s dedication to the ITSM space has been evident in recent years, with Jira Service Management serving nearly 50,000 customers globally as the fastest-growing solution in the market. The addition of AirTrack complements Atlassian’s existing investments in service management, further solidifying our commitment to service delivery.

As an Atlassian Partner, we look forward to leveraging these advancements to continue providing exceptional service and support to our clients. The strategic integration of AirTrack into the Atlassian ecosystem enhances our ability to deliver innovative solutions for teams across development, IT, and the broader business, setting the stage for even greater success in high-velocity service management.

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