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Jira Service Management

We dive into the world of Atlassian’s Jira Service Management (JSM) and explore its built-in reporting and collaboration features. We starts off by highlighting the transparency of the company, allowing users to access the product road map and stay informed about upcoming capabilities and releases. Users also have the opportunity to vote on new ideas for the platform, giving them a voice in its development. We discuss the various reporting options available, including the ability to create custom reports and define unique views per project. Users can also view a higher-level queue and easily create dashboards with over 40 different types of gadgets to choose from. If additional features are needed, the Atlassian marketplace offers a wide range of plugins to enhance these capabilities. We learn that communication is facilitated through the company website, and there is a chat session where users can ask questions. We explain that the system has integrated reporting capabilities, providing out-of-the-box reports such as workload satisfaction and tracking resolved requests. Users can also create custom reports without the need for coding, making the process simple and accessible to all. Don’t miss out on this informative episode of StrataCom where we delve into the world of Atlassian software, uncovering its robust reporting and collaboration features.

Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction and Overview of Atlassian’s Jira Service Management
    • Highlights the transparency of the company with its customers.
    • Product road map for users to track new capabilities and releases.
  2. Reporting and Collaboration Capabilities
    • The availability of a custom report to track problems and issues in the system.
    • Easy definition of unique views per project through reporting.
    • Viewing high-level queues for better monitoring and management.
  3. Creating Dashboards and Adding Gadgets
    • The ease of creating dashboards and adding gadgets to them.
    • Over 40 different types of gadgets available.
    • Mention of plugins for additional enhancements and capabilities.
  4. Customization and Higher-Level Overview
    • Adding widgets to dashboards for customization of look, layout, and deck boards.
    • The ability to view tickets from multiple projects with proper permissions.
    • Sharing insights through the ability to run dashboards and slide shows.
  5. Work and Ticket Management
    • Kanban boards for multiple teams, including development teams.
    • Managing work activity and visualizing ticket data.
  6. Advanced Roadmap and Marketplace
    • Defining an advanced roadmap for tracking service refinement and improvement.
    • The Atlassian marketplace with over 5000 plugins for additional features and integrations.
  7. Integrated Reporting Capability
    • Assets within the system to help resolve issues faster.
    • Integrated reporting capability for generating insights.
    • Out-of-the-box reports such as workload satisfaction and resolved request tracking.
  8. Custom Reports and Simplicity
    • Users can create custom reports by selecting data series and filters.
    • Reports can be created without coding and are user-friendly.
  9. Communication and Q&A Session
    • Communication facilitated through the company website.

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