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Jira Service Management

We explore the world of automation for onboarding and DevOps. In this engaging conversation, the speaker encourages the audience to actively participate by submitting their questions through a live chat session. The first question raised during this episode focuses on the challenge of transferring requests to different teams with varying request forms, without losing vital information. We introduce the concept of an automation platform that is popular among customers. This platform allows them to replicate any attribute of an issue into another issue during task handoffs between teams. This proves especially beneficial in onboarding activities, where a parent HR ticket and child IT and facilities tickets can seamlessly share and synchronize data. The video is filled with insightful discussions on the power of automation in streamlining processes, enhancing collaboration, and ultimately optimizing efficiency in the world of onboarding and DevOps.

Topic: Streamlining Request Transfers and Data Sharing in Onboarding

  • Introduction and Encouragement for Questions
  • Explanation of Chat Session for Submission of Questions
  • Statement that the Session is being Recorded
  • Ensuring Information is Not Lost in Transferring Requests
  • Automation Platform for Replicating Attributes of Issues
  • Example: Replicating Information from Parent HR Ticket to Child IT and Facilities Tickets

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