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Many organizations implement Cherwell with the intention of later improving their processes and building out the functionality of the tool. However, day to day operations at the help desk often prevent administrators from keeping their tools lean and mean. StrataCom offers a Health Check Tune Up designed to ensure that your tool and processes are running optimally.

Cherwell Health Check Tune Up.

StrataCom’s Cherwell Health Check Tune Up Offering includes:

  • Version check: Is there a newer version and if so, what are the benefits and what would it take to upgrade?
  • Identify process improvements the organization can realize by implementing out-of-box ITIL functionality
  • Identify performance issues and resolve them
  • Identify opportunities to replace older, more expensive to maintain, software packages with a Custom Cherwell Module?

StrataCom’s consultants are experts in performance tuning and technical development. During the health check process, a StrataCom consultant will review the Cherwell tool and ITSM business processes in place. A health check report is provided including tune-up recommendations and action items which can be completed internally or by StrataCom staff.

The tune up may include an upgrade to the newest release of Cherwell. For those using an older version, StrataCom can provide clients with a walk-though of the new versions functionality to weigh the benefits of an upgrade. A Cherwell upgrade can typically be completed in as little as a couple hours.  The StrataCom consultant will guide your team through new functionality and advise the audience on what features may make sense to incorporate to provide additional value to your business.

The Health Check Tune Up may also include creating a plan for building out the Cherwell solution for non-ITSM related IT needs. Exploring these options can help you better leverage your investment in Cherwell.

Finally, the health check tune up will analyze the current processes, compare those processes against ITIL best practices, and provide suggestions for process improvement based on both ITIL as well as real-world implementation experience.

Contact StrataCom today to discuss how a Health Check Tune Up can make your ITSM team shine!