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Jira Service Management

Streamlining Ticket Management with Jira Service Management: Tips and Tricks

 In this video we will be diving into the world of ticket management and problem resolution within the powerful automation platform, Jira Service Management. We discuss the various options for handling tickets, such as assigning them based on workload or routing them into specific queues based on their attributes. We’ll also explore how different […]

Jira Service Management

Streamlining Your Migration to Jira Service Management StrataCom’s Migration Toolkit Unveiled

 If you’re considering a move to Jira Service Management (JSM), you’re in luck. Our knowledgeable panel will walk you through the process and delve into the intricacies of StrataCom’s migration toolkit. Have questions about how to seamlessly transition from your current platform? The custom mapping tool within the toolkit has got you covered. This […]

Jira Service Management REST API

Streamlining Workflows: Unlocking Efficiency with the Jira Service Management Automation Platform

 In this video we share insights on how to effectively automate using the Jira Service Management (JSM) automation platform. We walk through the simplicity of defining new service requests and automation rules within the platform. We explain how actions, such as issue creations or field changes, can trigger automation. We also explore the different […]

Jira Service Management

Streamlining Asset Management: Customizable Object Schemas & Data Import in Jira Service Management

 StrataCom provides valuable insights on how non-technical data can be effectively brought into the system to track customer information, product licenses, and contract expirations. This data is not only useful for service requests and incidents but also for automation processes. We explain the highly customizable nature of the asset configuration, allowing for seamless import […]

Jira Service Management

Empowering Teams with Automation for Onboarding and DevOps using Jira Service Management

 We explore the world of automation for onboarding and DevOps. In this engaging conversation, the speaker encourages the audience to actively participate by submitting their questions through a live chat session. The first question raised during this episode focuses on the challenge of transferring requests to different teams with varying request forms, without losing […]

Jira Service Management

Unleashing the Power of Dashboards: Creating, Customizing & Sharing Insights Jira Service Management

We dive into the world of Atlassian’s Jira Service Management (JSM) and explore its built-in reporting and collaboration features. We starts off by highlighting the transparency of the company, allowing users to access the product road map and stay informed about upcoming capabilities and releases. Users also have the opportunity to vote on new ideas […]

Jira Service Management

Support Desks vs Operations Teams: Finding Harmony in Incident Management with Jira Service Management

We delve into the world of incident management. We share our insights on troubleshooting potential major incidents and various strategies to resolve them faster. We emphasize the importance of flagging incidents as major and utilizing tactics like “warming” to address issues swiftly. We give a practical example of creating a dedicated Slack channel for effective […]

Jira Service Management

Enhancing User Experience: Exploring the Self-Service Portal in Jira Service Management

 We dive into the world of the Jira Service Management platform and its powerful self-service portal. We are guided through the various features and functionalities of this platform that revolutionizes customer service operations. We begin by highlighting the flexible nature of the platform, allowing users to interact with it through their preferred mode of […]

Jira Service Management

Streamlining Customer Interactions: Initiating and Tracking Tickets on Slack or Microsoft Teams

 We dive into the fascinating topic of how customers can start a ticket on the popular communication platforms, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Atlassian shares valuable insights on how customers interact with the platform and highlights the various features available for them. You will learn about the different ways customers can engage with the platform, […]